Best Places to Live in Renton WA

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Are you looking for the perfect place to live in Renton, Washington? Whether you are interested in the best schools or the most exciting nightlife, Renton has something for everyone. It is a vibrant city with plenty of great amenities and activities that make it an ideal place to call home. In this article, we will explore the best places to live in Renton WA and discover why so many people choose to live here.

Renton is located on the southern shore of Lake Washington, just a short drive from Seattle and Tacoma. With its stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this charming city. The city has grown rapidly over the last decade, due to its strong job market and close proximity to major employers like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and more.

The plethora of recreational activities available makes living in Renton even more attractive. From outdoor recreation like kayaking at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park or hiking at Cedar River Trail Park, there are plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Additionally, there is an abundance of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the city that make life here enjoyable for both locals and visitors alike. Keep reading to learn about some of the best places in Renton WA where you can call home!

About Renton Wa

Renton, Washington is a beautiful city located in the Seattle metropolitan area. Known as the “Birthplace of Boeing”, this city has a rich history and plenty of attractions for its residents. With great schools, parks, and recreational activities, Renton is an ideal place to live for all ages.

The city’s downtown area features modern amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The Cedar River trail allows for walking and biking through scenic views around the city. Additionally, there are two major lakes nearby where people can enjoy swimming and fishing.

Renton is also home to many employers such as Boeing, Microsoft, Providence Health & Services and many others. This makes it an attractive spot for those seeking employment opportunities in the tech industry or other fields. Furthermore, Renton offers relatively affordable housing options compared to neighboring cities like Seattle or Bellevue. All these factors combined make Renton one of the best places to live in King County.

Best neighborhoods to live in Renton are

Downtown Renton

Downtown Renton is an exciting place to explore and experience. From trendy shops and restaurants to cultural events, there is something for everyone. The city has invested heavily in its downtown area over the past decade, making it a vibrant hub of activity. Whether you’re looking to grab a bite to eat or simply take in the sights, downtown Renton has plenty of options.

One of the most popular attractions in downtown Renton is Cedar River Park. This sprawling green space offers breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier as well as walking trails, picnic areas, fishing spots and more. On summer days, the park comes alive with music and art events that bring people together from all walks of life. Overall, Downtown Renton is a great place to live or visit for those seeking a unique urban experience.

Renton Highlands

For those looking for a more suburban atmosphere, Renton Highlands is the perfect neighborhood. Located just south of downtown, Renton Highlands offers a quieter environment along with plenty of amenities. The area is home to several parks, great schools and even an outdoor amphitheater. The residential streets are lined with mature trees that provide a canopy of shade during the summer months. Residents also enjoy easy access to shopping and dining options in nearby Lake Washington Village.

The housing market in Renton Highlands is very strong, with homes ranging from traditional single-family dwellings to modern apartment complexes. There are plenty of opportunities for first-time buyers as well as investors looking to cash in on the area’s booming real estate market. In addition, the city has implemented various programs designed to make owning a home more affordable. All in all, Renton Highlands provides an idyllic setting for anyone seeking an urban yet laid-back lifestyle.


For those seeking a more suburban atmosphere with easy access to amenities, Kennydale is an ideal neighborhood. Located just north of downtown Renton, Kennydale offers plenty of great schools, parks and shopping options. The area is also well known for its scenic beauty, as it is located along the banks of Lake Washington. This is the perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities nearby.

The housing market in Kennydale is booming, with home prices rising rapidly due to strong demand. There are many attractive options available here, from traditional single-family dwellings to modern apartment complexes and townhomes. The city has also implemented various programs designed to make owning a home in the area more affordable for first-time buyers and investors alike. With its beautiful views and convenient location, Kennydale makes for a great place to live in Renton WA.

Things To Do In Renton, Washington

Kennydale is a great place to call home, and Renton offers plenty of activities for residents to enjoy. The city is home to several popular parks, including Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park and Liberty Park. Both offer lovely views of the lake and are perfect for taking in the sights on a sunny day. There are also numerous walking trails that wind through the area, making it easy to explore nature with ease.

Renton also has a vibrant art scene, with galleries and studios scattered throughout the city. In addition, there are many festivals held in the summer months that bring together local artists and performers from all over the region. Whether you’re looking for culture or entertainment, Renton has something for everyone to enjoy. With its abundance of recreational activities and natural beauty, this Washington city is an ideal spot to settle down.


In conclusion, Renton Washington is a great place to live whether you’re looking for a bustling downtown or quiet suburb. Downtown Renton offers exciting nightlife, many restaurants and parks, as well as access to the waterfront. The Renton Highlands provide peaceful living in an upscale neighborhood with excellent schools and plenty of outdoor activities. For those looking for more affordable housing options without sacrificing quality of life, Kennydale is the ideal spot offering convenience and comfort to its residents.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Renton either – from kayaking on Lake Washington to shopping downtown or exploring the nearby trails, there are plenty of activities that appeal to a variety of interests. With all these great reasons to move here, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Renton as their home.

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